A singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Magdalia has an affinity for storytelling with her emotional and unique tone of voice. She is is currently writing and recording new songs and is set to release her first single soon.


Growing up in outer Melbourne, Magdalia showed interest in performing arts from a young age, enrolling in dance lessons at age 5. It was not until age 8 that she began singing and never looked back. Even from her first performance she has always been complimented on her sincere and emotional performances, and feels that this is the most important aspect of a song. This has helped Magdalia perform in many settings, competitions, weddings, busking, corporate and charity events and more. When she was 12 years old she was awarded a vocal scholarship to assist in her music studies in high school, something she remains proud of still to this day. 


Much like her performances, Magdalia’s approach to songwriting comes from the heart. Her experiences with mental health struggles as well as identifying within the LGBTQI+ community, influence and shape many of her songs. She believes that there is a call for music addressing these issues on a much more in depth level. While her music often stems from extremely personal experiences, Magdalia’s songs are able to be listened to and enjoyed by all, often providing comfort and support to those who share similar stories. 


Emotion based singing is her approach to teaching as well and Magdalia is always encouraging her students to grow and challenge themselves to take their performances to the next level by truly understanding and interpreting the song to make it their own. Teaching is one of Magdalia’s favourite things to do and she is constantly inspired by each and every one of her students. There is nothing that gives her more pride than seeing them succeed and grow in not only technique but confidence as well. She works with students from 9 years and upward, helping them evolve into the artist they want to be.