Debut Single


Pulling back the curtain on the secret world of the introverts, Magdalia’s debut single ‘Shy to Shine’ will take you into her world of crystallised tears and waterproof mascara. This exceedingly raw and honest song puts her heart on the line and shares the vulnerability and struggle of being a quiet artist in this loud world. Magdalia, alias of Melbourne musician Brodie O’Halloran, writes melodies that will haunt you in your sleep and lyrics to crack your heart, this eclectic friend will be your newest shoulder to cry on and keeper of secrets; you will feel like you’ve known her for years. This captivating release is the result of the COVID-19 lockdown which saw O’Halloran honing her craft and growing as an artist.

A singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Magdalia, has an affinity for storytelling with her emotional and unique tone of voice. The name was inspired by her grandmother's middle name - Magdala - as well as the Magdala mine in Stawell, Victoria. She describes her aesthetic as ethereal and soft, with artists such as Florence & the Machine, Sia, Catie Turner and Dido, along with a wide range of musical theatre performers, influencing her own heartfelt and intimate songs. 


Magdalia is excited to share more music in 2021. ‘Shy To Shine’ is now available digitally on all platforms.