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Hi there! I'm Magdalia, a singer-songwriter and vocal coach from the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Learn more about me below!

My Story

Magdalia is the alias of 22 year old singer-songwriter, Brodie O’Halloran who lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is also a vocal coach at her family-run business and is currently studying a Master of Creative Industries at Melbourne Polytechnic, researching how to bridge the gap in music education between regional and metropolitan areas. Growing up in outer Melbourne, Magdalia showed interest in performing arts from a young age, enrolling in singing lessons at age 8. Even from her first performance she has always been complimented on her sincere and emotional performances, and feels that this is the most important aspect of a song. Much like her performances, Magdalia’s approach to songwriting comes from the heart. Her experiences with mental health struggles as well as identifying within the LGBTQI+ community, influence and shape many of her songs. She believes that there is a call for music addressing these issues on a much more in depth level. While her music often stems from extremely personal experiences, Magdalia’s songs are able to be listened to and enjoyed by all, providing comfort and support to listeners. 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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